Use 'W', 'A', 'S', 'D' to move your character and reach the CPU at the top right corner. You can move only when the led lights green.

Each move costs you RAM. Each hit from shields takes 10 of your ram.

By moving towards green boxes you get 10 RAM per hit.

This game was made as an entry for JamGoJam DNA 9.


Criteria #1: Rhythm

You can only move in the rhythm of the PC.

Criteria #2: Hacker

Main character is a computer virus which  needs to get to the CPU avoiding antivirus shields.

Criteria #3: Synthwave music

Epic synthwave track as background music.

Criteria #4: Flatulent Sound Effects

Fart sound used for character movement, PC rhytm and Level Complete.


All assets are made by me using Piskel.

Synthwave track by Nihilore

Sound Effects by Zapsplat

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